Happy 10th anniversary, GAYBIGAYGAY! GAYBI is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year, and this year’s event was perfect. Lots of love to this awesome community!

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150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0415 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0424 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0460 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0475 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0497 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0516 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0524 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0546 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0556 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0592 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0596 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0600 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0604 150322-gaybigaygay-ayala-0610

2 thoughts on “2015 GAYBIGAYGAY

  1. Wow Bonica your photos are so beautiful! I’m so glad you were there to capture this event, it meant such a lot. I wrote about it here, will add a link to this post so people can see your lovely pics!

    Love love love love love xxx

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